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Secret Service Says Trump ‘Is Safe’ After Apparent Gunshot Injury at Rally

The former president grabbed his right ear before Secret Service agents...

Conserving America's Heritage is The Core of the National Parks Service's Mission... Not Pushing Woke Ideology

Updated: Jun 7

Late last week, a strange story broke out of Denali National Park in which contractors repairing a highway claimed that the Superintendent of Denali, Brooke Merrell, had contacted their offices demanding that construction crews discontinue flying the American flag at these sites. The National Parks Service has denied these claims, hiding behind a defense of "these sites aren't even under our jurisdiction" claim (as though a federal official wouldn't go beyond their administrative purview in the name of some woke ideological goal).

It would be one thing if this were an isolated incident--but it's not as though NPS is a stranger to such decisionmaking--and this week, the CPAC Foundation's Center for Regulatory Freedom sent a letter to the Director of the National Parks Service (as well as the Secretary of the Interior and members of Congress) demanding answers, not just about this incident, but more generally asking the question, "just what is going on at the National Parks Service"? The letter (which can be seen below) ties this incident together with what NPS tried to do with William Penn's statue earlier this year, as well as efforts by a regional bureaucrat with the Department of Veterans Affairs to get rid of an iconic "end of World War II" photograph.

As the Biden Administration continues to hit the gas pedal on remaking American society in some kind of woke image, the Center for Regulatory Freedom will continue to be aggressively pushing back on their efforts.

Here is the letter:


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