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WHO: Gaza Death Toll Rises, Urgent Call for Humanitarian Aid

WHO Issues Urgent Appeal as Gaza Death Toll Soars, Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

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Saturday marked the one-year anniversary since the US House passed H.R. 2 – the strongest border security bill in US history. But Senate Democrats refuse to sign the bill and Biden won’t get behind it.

Biden’s Border Crisis is bursting wide open, just weeks after my first visit to the US border. Where are the Democrats? Not a SINGLE one showed up to a special field hearing in Arizona this week. Bombshells are dropping. Does anyone hear? Does anyone care? And WHERE are the 85,000+++ MISSING CHILDREN who came across the border?

Every American should witness firsthand, as I did, the parade of illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border of the United States. It will shake you to your core. When you see it with your eyes and feel it in your bones you know the truth: America is changing forever. The real shockwaves are just starting to hit. 

Border patrol agents are now testifying that the Biden regime has forced them into silence. Speak out, and lose your job. Speak against the criminals pouring in, the women and children being trafficked and the drug cartels gaining ground—and you can just retire early. With no pension. I heard similar stories…

For this particular story, I am traveling on what seems to be an unbelievable journey to the Arizona/US border with Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, their CPAC team and members of Kari Lake’s US Senate campaign. On a bright and sunny day, we arrive in Nogales, Arizona. Escorted by friendly and knowledgeable ex-border patrol agents, we head down dirt roads and dodge potholes until suddenly, we turn a sharp corner. Trump’s big Border Wall rises from the earth to meet us. We have arrived. 

The wall is breathtaking. Comforting. Foreboding. Much taller and more secure than the adjacent Obama wall, which is easy to scale. A joke. We travel alongside Trump’s impressive barrier, stretching for miles in the middle of nowhere.  All is calm. For a few moments. 

“There they are!” our guide suddenly announces right on cue, and we pull over. About 50 yards away, dozens of migrants are pouring through a massive breach in the barrier, where Biden left the Border Wall unfinished. 

Young, well-dressed fighting age men and women with children and cell phones confidently and assertively stroll into America. They smile and wave to our cameras. They tell us they’re going to see relatives and friends and coming to find jobs. This group is traveling from Guatemala and Central America. 

One place they are NOT going— to the LEGAL port of entry up the road. No, that is NOT required under Biden’s America. No background checks, no DNA tests, no special investigations to uncover potential human trafficking cases—those procedures under the Trump administration were REVERSED as soon as Biden took office. 

The border patrol agents are directed to give the illegals a special bag of supplies and usher them to their next destination. We know they receive everything from money to cell phones to mopeds, hotel rooms and airline tickets. All free—funded by US taxpayers. They can apply for asylum and if rejected, they are to be deported. But they are not. 

Most board charter buses and head to nearby migrant camps that stretch for blocks by the Tucson airport. See it for yourself. 

Then you notice: the migrant camps are heavily guarded by barbed wire fencing AND security— but the border is NOT? Certainly, Biden’s America is NOT America First. 

Around the corner, parents tell me they are afraid of strangers lingering around local parks at their children’s soccer games. They notice nearby hotels are packed with migrants. They testify how they have lost children, multiple children, to fentanyl and drug overdoses as poison pours across the border and crime soars. 

And now, reports say that Biden officials have ceded authority of a New Mexico mountaintop to a Mexican drug cartel. Are we really living in America? 

The worst shockwave hit as I arrived at the airport to head home. Illegals entered through an expedited security line next to me, carried special papers, then sat at my gate and boarded my plane. I held my breath. I know Biden is now welcoming Gaza refugees, who have voted in favor of Hamas terrorists. 

The war on our border, against our communities, our children and US taxpayers is nothing short of a full scale invasion of our country. The Biden regime and Congress are complicit and have blood on their hands. They refuse to shut down the border. They are aiding and abetting our enemies.  This is treason.


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