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The Winners and Losers of CPAC’s 2023 State Ratings: New York

Every year as CPAC Foundation’s Center for Legislative Accountability releases their state scorecards, some states stand out as conservative strongholds and others prove themselves to be Leftist dystopias.  

After the draconian policies of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current fiasco policies on illegal immigrants, it’s no surprise that one of this year’s losers that proved itself to be a Leftist dystopia is the state of New York. 

CPAC’s analysis found the Democrat representatives in the state legislature to be on the leftmost end of the political spectrum. CPAC’s average rating of Democrat officials in the Assembly was a pathetically low 1%. Senate Democrats managed to fare even worse with a whopping 0% average. The overall averages for both chambers are among some of the lowest out of all of the states so far at 22% and 25%. Given those numbers, the radical Leftist policies that emerged from the 2023 legislative cycle in the Empire State are again, no surprise.  

The worst of the legislation were laws that expanded abortion, election fraud, and the DEI and ESG agenda to new levels. The state of New York took a decidedly anti-life stance in 2023 when the legislature passed bill S 1066 that asserts New York as an abortion sanctuary state. The bill strictly prohibits all government employees from assisting out-of-state investigations into abortions. Representatives went a step further to pass bill A 1395 that requires all state universities to provide prescription abortion drugs to students.  

Their lack of respect for human life was matched by their lack of concern for free and fair elections. The New York legislature openly sanctioned election fraud in 2023 by allowing potentially compromised ballots to be counted and adding vague requirements to poll workers’ responsibilities, opening the door for more instances of fraud and amending the implementation date of these requirements to an earlier date of July 1, 2023.  

The DEI and ESG agenda, however, clearly took highest priority for New York legislators. CPAC highlighted at least eleven bills that promoted radical gender ideology, discriminatory and burdensome ‘diversity’ rules, and regulations on energy and the environment.  

One of the most blatant of these bills that passed into law was A 1142 that erases all gendered language from future New York laws and regulations. It was joined by bill A 7355 that added a ban on discrimination based on a person’s gender identity to the state civil rights law and by S 2475 that established New York as a sanctuary state for transgender procedures.  

Senate bill 1346 also codified radical ESG policy in state law by requiring every state agency to prepare plans before December 2025 for completely transitioning to electric vehicles by 2035.

New York legislators established in the 2023 legislative cycle their complete dedication to Leftist ideologies.  

As CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp commented on CPAC’s scoring of the Empire State, “New York has adopted a fully woke approach to government...It’s no surprise that people are moving away from such a toxic environment and into Republican-led states. This is happening at such a rate that New York is on track to lose at least three congressional seats.” 

The radical nature of New York’s legislature and the legislation it produces are shooting the state in the foot by driving New Yorkers out of their own state to solid red states by the droves.

See the full scorecard and how your state scored at  


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